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Why Keeping Your Gym Clean Is Important

Many indoor sports activities require fitness mats or special carpets to promote safety and prevent injury. However, compared to other types of mats, gym mats have very specific requirements for placement, cleaning, care and storage. By carefully following these instructions, you can keep the carpets in good condition and provide years of quality service.
If a gym mat is delivered during the coldest months of winter, do not unfold it before storing it for at least 24 hours at room temperature. In some cases, unrolling a gym mat in cold weather can damage the foam and the outer casing of the carpet.
carpet cleaning. Clean carpets by sweeping them first to remove sand and dirt. Before each use, clean it with a neutral pH cleaner, then with a disinfectant or even better before and after use. This helps keep carpets as clean and healthy as possible.
Chemical disinfectants. Experts recommend the use of disinfectants specially designed for sports mats. These disinfect effectively without leaving chemical residues on the carpet. Never use disinfectant already used. Always use a fresh solution.
Under The Mats. Although it is not necessary to clean under mats after each use, over time, moisture and mildew can accumulate in these areas. This could damage the carpet and the floor underneath. Clean and hydrate the soil at least every few weeks, or more often under carpets.


  1. Great article, thanks for the read. I always use a professional
    maid service to keep my gym nice an clean


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